WWW Ahoy!

March 14, 2011 at 5:32 am (Uncategorized)

Ok first piece of XHTML coding under my belt – My first website

Admittedly its far from spectacular but Rome wasn’t built in a day! Watch this space….

The code

Just thought I would quickly run down the applications and web hosting I’m currently using:

Seems like the obvious choice for a text editor on a Mac. Firstly, the university Macs have this software installed. I would rather be comfortable on one editor rather than attempting to learn numerous. The program is freeware : ). Also the majority of my research recommends TextWrangler:




Deservedly recommended by Oanh and Viveka. Clear and simple hosting were you only pay for the web space you actually use. Pricing starts at at $0.01/day for a dynamic websites. The company’s website (FAQ, polices etc) appear to be honest and informative (the power of branding…). Hosting allows PHP which I imagine my final project will utilise.

After spending the morning using the functions on Cyperduck I decided to opt for Transmit as my FTP software. Cyperduck comes highly recommended on the internet. Unfortunately the software consistently crashed on my machine … Force quit …. Force quit. After browsing the NearlyFreeSpeech members FAQ for a solution I noticed they advise problems with Cyperduck (and Filezilla!) with their hosting. Back to the drawing board.. Luckily I remembered Alistair in last weeks video lecture used the software Transmit. The software is distributed by Panic and since downloading the program I thankfully haven’t encountered any problems. The only drawback is the price, $34. I have seven days (trial period) to make a decision. I’ll keep you posted.


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